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Shared Logistics

Flagship Forwarding LLC allows complete visibility in our shipments and yours.  You will be able to log in to our system and sign up for a mobile app which allows complete visibility.  When we update your shipments status you will get an update.  You can watch your shipment move from door to POL to the port overseas and beyond if it is a DAP/DDP shipment.  You also have full access to your documents like your bill of lading, master bill of lading, booking confirmations, certificate of origin, and more.  You have visibility and tracking at the touch of a button into your container numbers and details.  On the mobile app you can set customized alerts.  We currently have 15 agents and 12 direct customers on this platform.

This system is ideal for any volume shipper but it is most ideal for large volume shippers who have both import and export shipments that we handle on a regular basis.  The dashboard is clean and easy to understand.  We also add in custom reference fields for PO#s, Commercial invoice numbers, and other searchable data to truly make it a complete visibility tool.

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